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  • Niko Verheulpen

A small Nudge can do Wonders

Updated: Mar 4

Discover why for many Managers and Business Owners, seeking assistance from an External Sales Trainer doesn't have to come at great cost at all.


If you are a manager whose passion lies in nurturing and guiding your team's growth, Sales Call Trainings can support you in refining your vision and shaping your goals through targeted online management coaching sessions, all without breaking the bank. Whether it's designing training programmes or conducting impactful individual coaching sessions, we're here to help you achieve your objectives efficiently.


In today's fast-paced organisational environment, managers often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities. Despite understanding the benefits of delegation, many hesitate to fully entrust tasks to their teams, fearing that deadlines won't be met or outcomes won't match expectations.


This reluctance to delegate can perpetuate a cycle of inefficiency and hinder professional development opportunities. With less delegation comes fewer chances to assess team training needs, resulting in skill gaps and missed opportunities for growth.


While external trainers can provide valuable insights and motivation, teams often crave more involvement and guidance from their managers. At Sales Call Trainings, we recognise the importance of managerial engagement in the training process. From initial briefings to follow-up sessions, we actively involve managers every step of the way, providing tailored feedback and actionable recommendations to enhance training outcomes.


Because we understand the positive ripple effect of trained and well-supported managers on their teams' performances, as well as the cost-effectiveness for an organisation, we gladly offer a limited number of non-committal online coaching sessions every month for managers dedicated to their teams' development but who may benefit from additional support and guidance. So, if you're seeking that extra nudge to elevate your team's performance, we're here to help.

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