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  • Niko Verheulpen

YES ATTITUDE - Does anyone know who this is?

Updated: Mar 4

This is Linda, as we encountered her before our first coaching session together. I’m sure we've all met many versions of Linda, haven't we? There's the "moody lady at the till," the "unwelcoming shop floor manager," or the "fickle sales rep".


In our professional interactions, a potent dynamic is at play: the reciprocity of acknowledgment. When we take the initiative to genuinely see and acknowledge others, we often find ourselves on the receiving end of positive dynamics in return. This embodies the essence of the "Yes attitude" – a circle of positivity that we initiate, leading to mutual acknowledgment and smoother interactions.


Take Linda, for example. She's faced her fair share of challenging moments. However, through our coaching sessions, Linda has discovered the transformative power of adopting a "Yes attitude" in her client interactions.


Now, it's not merely about saying "yes" to every request that comes her way. It's about embodying openness, understanding the perspectives of others, and demonstrating a willingness to collaborate and explore possibilities.


In our work with teams, we prioritise emotional well-being, recognising how job demands and life experiences can influence mood and interactions. Through our sessions, participants like Linda delve into their authentic feelings about their tasks, experiencing the positive impact of being genuinely acknowledged for their true selves.


As individuals feel seen and validated, they naturally cultivate a "Yes attitude" rooted in empathy and understanding. This self-awareness, combined with genuine acknowledgment, fosters deeper connections and a greater willingness to embrace positivity and collaboration.


By embracing positivity, empathy, and openness in our interactions, we not only enhance relationships but also create more fulfilling workdays. Let's welcome customers with inviting energy, approach sales with creativity and enthusiasm, and engage with customer experiences with a commitment to making a difference.


Together, we can cultivate an environment where "Yes" becomes more than just a word – it becomes a mindset that nurtures growth, connection, and success. After our coaching, Linda now feels empowered to control how she's seen. When she adopts a "Yes attitude," she often experiences the boomerang effect – clients acknowledge her more, making her days all the brighter. This is the power of acknowledgment in action.

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