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Strategies for Enduring Success


Our Story

In the summer of 2015, Sales Call Trainings Ltd., came to life as a joint vision between Niko Verheulpen and Staci Callender. We formed a strong connection over the years, discovering our shared passion for helping people and businesses achieve their goals. Seeing how well our skills and professional experiences complemented each other—Niko in B2B and Staci in B2C—we decided to join forces and start our own company. This marked the beginning of our journey to create a unique company that blends our backgrounds and aspirations.

B2B + B2C = SCT
Transformational Coaching through Person-Centred Approach
Person-Centred Approach

Our goal is to provide a distinctive service that connects the dots between your aspirations and transformation. Recognising that Training and Coaching aren't one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather personalised processes, we emphasise the need for a profound understanding of each individual and organisation. This insight led us to adopt a Person-Centred Approach, establishing a Psychologically Safe Space for our clients to navigate their challenges, uncover strengths, and explore opportunities.

How we can help you


Our Commitment to Our Clients

We also recognised that Training and Coaching are not isolated events but ongoing journeys that require Continuous Support and improvement. That's why we are committed to our own learning and development, holding certifications and Training in various areas of Business Management, including Process and Service Improvements, Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt), Typology, Mental Health First Aid, and Psychological Safety Awareness at work, among others.


Furthermore, we've expanded our network and collaborated with a diverse range of businesses and professionals, each with intriguing and often Distinct Visions, yet Sharing Similar Values. Through these collaborations, we've witnessed how External partners, like us, can offer numerous advantages to our clients, such as fresh perspectives, diverse expertise, and unbiased feedback.

Lean Six Sigma Methodologies
Mental Health First Aid Awareness
Psychologically Safe Space

in the Worplace

Committed Partner in Growth

Our Mission

At our core, our commitment extends beyond enhancing sales skills to adding value to all involved in client relations, regardless of experience. We embrace a holistic approach, exploring factors like personal insights, self-care, and collaboration to achieve measurable success.


In every session, we're dedicated to fostering robust connections between participants and managers. This effort embodies our passion and mission. We understand that nurturing a supportive environment is vital for sustained growth.

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I'm Staci, it's great to meet you!

Sean Staci Callender

Sean Staci Callender


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I'm a personable, composed, and patient individual with extensive experience in Retail and Hospitality. My background includes supervising three North London hair salons and Managing a Team of over 30 co-workers on a 7-7 schedule. This experience underscores my ability to build Trust and Resilience among both Teams and Customers. My strengths lie in empowering teams, refining customer interactions, and establishing collaborative processes to drive continuous improvement. Outside of work, I find pleasure in staying active through activities like running, rock climbing, and gardening.🌳

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My Expertise is deeply anchored in B2B Sales, with a primary focus on Training and Coaching. I boast a proven track record of Mentoring Managers and business owners, providing guidance that resonates with diverse professionals, including Private Bankers, Healthcare Advisors, and International Sales Teams. My approach seamlessly blends empathy with a driven mindset, allowing me to understand and connect with my clients on a deeper level. I am committed to holding my clients accountable and ensuring they achieve their goals.


Moreover, I specialise in cultivating long-lasting collaborations and refining organisational dynamics across different departments and silos. Beyond work, my interests extend to indulging in assembling 1500-piece or larger puzzles, particularly those depicting gardens.😜

I'm Niko, Always a pleasure to meet you!

Niko D M Verheulpen

Niko D M Verheulpen


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