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Sales Training Courses

Retail Store Training

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Welcome to our Retail and Hospitality Training page! We offer two tailored training programmes adaptable to your team's needs. From Fundamental Courses to boost basket value and enrich customer experiences, to Advanced Sessions instilling a broader business mindset, we support your workforce growth. We also provide supplementary services like Mystery Shopping and On-The-Floor Coaching detailed under our Advanced Programme For Shop Floor Managers.

Retail Store Training

In our 'Sales Fundamentals for Retail and Hospitality' Training Programme, we empower Shop Floor Staff with essential customer engagement skills. We emphasise creating a welcoming atmosphere to build rapport and meaningful connections, boosting customer responsiveness and satisfaction. Our tailored sales techniques contribute to increased sales across various retail settings, from showrooms to corner shops. We also delve into self-motivation techniques, recognising the importance of motivated staff in driving sales and achieving success. Participants will enhance both their sales skills and inner drive for consistent exceptional results.

Retail Store Training

This Advanced Retail and Hospitality Training Programme equips your Staff and Managers with a transformative business mindset. We delve into customer decision-making and behaviour, driving growth and profitability. Emphasis on brand awareness ensures actions positively impact business perception. Our holistic approach fosters ownership and accountability, empowering staff and shop floor managers to make meaningful contributions to the shop's bottom line and cultivate a forward-thinking ethos that propels your business towards sustained success in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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