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Sales Training Courses 

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Negotiation Skills Training

Refine your Negotiation prowess by learning to navigate various Negotiation Styles, Express Yourself with Clarity, and Collaborate Effectively. Join us for a transformative journey where each acquired skill shapes you into a Confident and Well-Rounded Negotiator.


From comprehending Negotiation Styles to Fostering Trust, this course serves as your gateway to becoming a skilled negotiator, well-prepared to conquer any negotiation challenge with finesse.

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Course Overview

Part 1: Smart Negotiating

Enrol in our Negotiation Skills Fundamentals course to gain vital insights into smart negotiating. Learn to distinguish between Competitive and Collaborative Styles, laying a robust foundation for effective negotiations. Delve into the preparation phase, acquiring key skills to Strategically Plan and approach negotiations, ensuring your readiness for success in any scenario.


Part 2: Well-Rounded Mastery

Immerse yourself in a holistic approach, navigating Clear Expression, Active Listening, Creative problem-solving, the effectiveness of alternatives, as well as crafting and sustaining Negotiation Parameters by integrating Innovative Alternatives and Teamwork. Acquire a versatile skill set, empowering you to adeptly manage diverse negotiation scenarios with confidence.


Part 3: Mastering People Skills and Fostering Focus and Motivation

A central focus of this training lies in cultivating Resilience and sustaining Motivation throughout prolonged negotiation processes. Mastering people skills becomes instrumental not only in maintaining your own motivation but also in ensuring the sustained focus and motivation of all parties involved, fostering an environment conducive to successful deal-making.

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Abstract Background

Core Skills

Mastering Clear Expression:

Perfecting logical and positive communication.


Learning Active Listening

Acquiring the skill of understanding interests and managing resistance.


Cultivating Emotion Mastery

Nurturing empathy and self-regulation for positive outcomes.


Strategic Intelligence

Analysing Interests

Understanding alternatives for strategic planning.


Setting the Stage

Framing discussions and initiating effective negotiations.


Creative Problem-Solving

Generating innovative solutions and trade-offs.


Objective Criteria Usage

Applying measurable standards for fair negotiations.


Adaptive Strategies

Flexibility in approach based on evolving dynamics.

Team Collaboration

Mastering effective Teamwork and Leadership for integrative negotiations.

Key Topics

Building Relationships

Trust Development

Cultivating trust and fostering positive communication.


Group Dynamics

Strategically navigating the intricacies of group interactions in negotiation settings, understanding and leveraging each Member's role for optimal results.


Cultural Intelligence

Adapting strategies to diverse cultural contexts.


Conflict Resolution

Identifying and resolving disputes, reaching agreements.


Compliance and Evaluation

Ethical Conduct

Addressing issues of deception and power dynamics.


Legal Considerations

Acknowledging the significance of non-disclosure agreements and other legal aspects in the negotiation process.


Post-Negotiation Evaluation

Learning from outcomes and managing long-term relationships.

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Strategic Empowerment

Empower your Team with Strategic Expertise, providing them with a profound understanding of Negotiation Intricacies. This equips them to navigate negotiations with a strategic mindset, ensuring they can Effectively Analyse and Respond to Complex Scenarios.


Masterful Negotiators

Through our Training and Coaching, cultivate adept Negotiators within your Team who Master the delicate balance between the Art and Science of Deal-Making. This not only enhances their negotiation skills but also instils the ability to adapt and thrive in various negotiation and other professional contexts.


Confidence in Relationship-Building

Arm your Team with Comprehensive Relationship-Building Techniques, instilling Confidence in navigating the complexities of Interpersonal Dynamics during negotiations. This not only strengthens Internal Team Collaboration but also enhances the ability to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and partners, ensuring transformative outcomes for your organisation.

Abstract Background

Contact us for a detailed course outline and to discuss how our Training Programmes can be customised to meet your specific business needs and goals.

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