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Sales Training Courses 

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Field Coaching

In this transformative journey with 'Field Coaching,' where Training Goes Beyond Simulations, providing Real-Time Assessments of employees' skills in authentic work scenarios, participants can unlock Invaluable Insights often overlooked in traditional classroom setups. Additionally, by mitigating missed opportunity costs, Field Coaching delivers a double impact, enhancing both individual skill development and overall organisational performance.


Course Overview


  • Enhance training through real-world application and dynamic experiences.

  • Communication Skills: Refine effective communication strategies.

  • Customer Relationships: Foster and maintain enduring relationships with clients.

  • Sales Techniques: Implement cutting-edge techniques for sales excellence.


Learning Methods:

  • Real-World Scenarios: Utilise practical, real-life situations to enhance learning.

  • Insightful Debriefs: Participate in discussions following authentic scenarios.

  • Strategic Preparation: Strategically prepare, integrating lessons from previous experiences.


Immediate Application:

  • Demonstrate newfound expertise immediately in subsequent engagements.

Module Highlights:

Meeting Preparation and Follow-up: Strategies for effective preparation and post-meeting actions. Meeting Structure: Techniques to structure client meetings for clarity and engagement. Sales Presentation Excellence: Crafting and delivering impactful sales presentations. Conquering Objections and Deal Closing Techniques: Objection-handling strategies to overcome challenges and close deals confidently. Time Management and Meeting Time Management: Enhancing time management skills for optimising meeting schedules and productivity. Leveraging Technology: Explore integrating technology into sales practices for streamlined processes and improved communication. Developing Self-Observation Techniques and Critical Post-Meeting Evaluation for continuous growth.


  • Enhance your sales proficiency, make data-driven decisions, and emerge transformed, not just trained.

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Key Topics

In our dynamic Field Coaching Programme, the synergy of keen Observation and Strategic Action guides our Coaching approach, finely tuned to the nuances observed in Real-World Sales Scenarios. This ensures that our guidance is not only powerful but also tailored to meet participants' specific needs.


Throughout the Programme, we will explore a series of pivotal topics to refine Sales Skills and elevate overall performance.


Whether it's establishing Clear Goals, Honing Sales Techniques, Mastering Effective Communication, or Harnessing Technology, each session is meticulously crafted to empower Sales Representatives across diverse backgrounds and seniority levels in the field. Typically, our focus will be on:

Utilising Technology in Sales 

  • Exploring the integration of Technology Tools in Sales Processes.

  • Providing Training on CRM systems and mobile applications.


In-the-Field Role-Playing 

  • Engaging in hands-on role-playing exercises in real-world scenarios.

  • Encouraging participants to Apply Learned Skills in practical situations.


Observation and Feedback Session 

  • Conducting live Observations Of Sales Interactions.

  • Providing immediate, Actionable Feedback for improvement.


Data-Driven Decision-Making 

  • Discussing the importance of Analysing Sales Data for decision-making.

  • Exploring key performance indicators (KPIs) for Sales Success.


Team Collaboration and Support 

  • Emphasising the collaborative nature of the Sales Team.

  • Encouraging peer-to-peer support and collaboration.

Introduction and Goal Setting

  • Introducing and setting Objectives and Expectations for the day.

  • Discussing Individual and Team Goals for the field Coaching session.


Sales Techniques Refresher

  • Reviewing and Reinforcing Fundamental Sales Techniques.

  • Discussing any Updates or changes To the Sales Strategy.


Customer Relationship Building

  • Emphasising the importance of Building and maintaining Strong Customer Relationships.

  • Sharing Best Practices For establishing Rapport and Trust.


Effective Communication Skills

  • Concentrating on enhancing Communication Skills within Sales Scenarios, encompassing both Verbal and Non-Verbal aspects.

  • Providing tips for Clear, Structured and Persuasive Communication.


Handling Customer Objections

  • Addressing common objections encountered in the field.

  • Practicing effective strategies for overcoming objections.

Time Management in Sales 

  • Addressing Time Management challenges specific to Sales Roles.

  • Providing Strategies for Maximising Productivity.


Post-Meeting Analysis and Action Planning 

  • Reviewing the Outcomes of Sales Meetings.

  • Collaboratively developing Action Plans for improvement.


Continuous Learning and Development 

  • Reinforcing the importance of ongoing learning.

  • Providing Resources for self-improvement and professional development.


Q&A and Discussion 

  • Allowing participants to ask questions and share insights.

  • Fostering an open and collaborative learning environment.


Closing and Reflection 

  • Summarising key takeaways from the day.

  • Encouraging participants to reflect on their learning and set personal development goals.



Enhanced Return on Investment

(ROI) through Real-Time Application 

  • Explore the unparalleled Return on Investment (ROI) facilitated by SCT Field Coaching, where Trainees Learn and Apply Skills Simultaneously.

  • This Unique Learning Environment ensures Continuous Improvement throughout the Coaching period, with increased results after each meeting. This is attributed to the more focused approach enabled by the Safe and Supportive Environment created by External Coaches.

Witness a direct correlation between the real-time application of learned skills and the tangible improvement in outcomes, maximising the value and effectiveness of the Coaching experience.


Enhanced Behavioural Mastery in Sales Scenarios 

  • Explore the nuanced impact of Behavioural Observation in Sales Scenarios through SCT Field Coaching.

  • Real-Time Assessments contribute to immediate improvements in Employee Behaviour, Communication, and Problem-Solving Skills, elevating Sales Proficiency.


Dynamic Enhancement of Client Meetings

  • Delve into the intricacies of Field Coaching, recognising how the presence of Sales Managers or Senior Team Members and Internal Colleagues in client meetings, can alter client dynamics and meeting flow.

  • Experience an enriched Sales Environment that facilitates more impactful and successful client interactions.


Growth Empowerment with Instant, Actionable Feedback

  • Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Field Coaching, where Instant, Actionable Feedback is seamlessly integrated into real-time work scenarios.

  • This approach empowers employees for Immediate Enhancements, fostering growth in Communication and Problem-Solving Skills, ensuring continuous individual and Team development.


Highly Tailored Training for Personalised Development

  • Discover how Field Coaching enables a focused approach to individual challenges, allowing for specific and targeted interventions to address unique employee needs and development areas.

  • This focused approach ensures that employees receive tailored support, leading to Accelerated Skill Development and enhanced overall performance.


Seamless Integration for Customer-Focused Interactions 

  • Explore the seamless integration of field Coaching during Customer interactions, maintaining Customer focus on Sales Representatives while valuable observations and Coaching take place.

  • Ensure that Sales Interactions remain Customer-Centric, while employees receive real-time support and feedback for continuous improvement.


Continuous Refinement through Meticulous Analysis 

  • Gain insight into the post-session process of meticulous analysis and the implementation of tailored feedback.

  • Ensure continuous refinement in subsequent meetings, fostering sustained improvement in employee performance and skills.

Contact us for a detailed course outline and to discuss how these training programmes can be customised to meet your specific business needs and goals.



Elevating Company Image with Strategic Cross-Training Presentation

Explore the strategic advantage of our hands-on methodology, utilising cross-Training to present Coaches to clients as if they were new colleagues or professionals from different departments. This approach not only sharpens skills but also elevates your company's reputation by instilling confidence in Customers. By showcasing a commitment to ongoing development, it strengthens trust and contributes to the overall enhancement of your company's image.

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