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Sales Training Courses 

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Advanced Selling Skills Training

Uncover the Art of Turning Objections into Opportunities and Elevate your Sales Game to new heights with our Advanced Selling & Sales Interplay Skills course.
Tailored for Seasoned and Ambitious Professionals, it's not just about refining skills; it's about Amplifying your Expertise to confidently navigate every twist in the Sales journey.

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Course Overview

Elevating Sales Mastery for Seasoned Professionals

Advanced Sales Skill Development

Tailored for seasoned professionals, our programme is modular and flexible in content, allowing for customisation to individual needs while leveraging the expertise and confidence of high-performing sales representatives. Performance Enhancement: Optimising performance at every stage of the sales journey, encompassing prospecting, objection handling, and follow-up strategies. Understanding Customer Business: Developing deep insights into your customer's industry, challenges, and goals. Guiding Sales Process: Take control of the sale by guiding customers with confidence and strategic direction. Setting the Right Prices: Applying strategies for setting competitive yet profitable prices that maximise value for both customers and your business. High Margin Selling Strategies: Acquiring techniques for selling high-margin products or services to increase profitability and drive business growth.

Customer-Centric Selling

Focus on Value Creation: Move beyond closing deals to cultivate tangible value. Enhancing Buyer Experience: Fostering genuine, long-term partnerships by enriching the buyer's journey and tailoring presentations to address specific customer needs and preferences. Educating Customers for Differentiation: Positioning oneself as a trusted advisor by educating customers on industry trends and innovative solutions. Building Relationships with Decision-Makers: Cultivating strong relationships to influence purchasing decisions and foster partnerships. Crafting Partnership Strategies: Developing strategic approaches to align goals and drive mutual success. Driving Return Sales: Leading to sustained return sales by crafting immersive client experiences. Complaint Handling: Learning effective strategies for handling customer complaints and turning them into opportunities for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Account and Territory Management Mastery

Delve into Key Account & Territory Management: Explore strategies for effective management. Excel in Managing Key Accounts: Acquire skills to cultivate client relationships and excel in key account management. Broadening Reach: Elevate mastery and expand reach, becoming an adept sales professional with a broader impact, irrespective of geographical constraints.

Internal Dynamics for Sales Success

Developing a Sales Mindset Across Departments: Engage and align other departments, such as marketing and product development, with sales objectives to ensure smoother processes and enhanced sales outcomes. Effective Internal Communication: Improve communication channels and strategies between sales and other relevant departments to facilitate collaboration and support sales efforts. Cross-Departmental Relations: Foster positive relationships and collaboration among different departments to streamline processes and maximise sales opportunities.

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Key Topics

  • Transforming areas of Unconscious Unfamiliarity into Unconscious Competence.

  • Mastering Strategic Sales Planning

  • Optimising Sales Calendar and Events Alignment

  • Reviewing and Crafting Compelling Sales  E-mails and Communication

  • Collaborating with Buying Teams

  • Conquering Complex Objections

  • Understanding the Paradox of ‘too many choices’

  • Dealing with Customer’s Indecision  (JOLT Method)

  • Defining a clear Path to Decision

  • Advanced Sales Negotiation Strategies

  • Cross-Selling and Upselling Mastery

  • Psychology of Sales and Buyer Influence

  • Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Strategic Account Management

  • Sales Strategy Evolution and Adapting Sales Strategies to Market Trends and Dynamics

  • Effective Sales Team Leadership

  • Sales Team Collaboration and Interdepartmental Alignment

  • Managing and Overcoming Sales Performance Plateaus

  • Cultivating Resilience and Sustaining Motivation in Extended Sales Processes

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Embark on a Transformative journey with SCT's Advanced Selling and Interplay Course, tailored to empower your Sales Professionals and Enhance Organisational Success through a comprehensive array of benefits.

Performance Excellence

This course will empower your Teams to adeptly Handle Objections and Intelligently Navigate Intricate Sales Scenarios with Confidence, propelling Sales Professionals to new heights and resulting in a substantial enhancement of overall Sales Performance.

Skills Development for Success

This comprehensive course and Coaching Programme is designed to empower your Teams across multiple dimensions, commencing with the enhancement of Communication Skills. The primary objective is to refine their ability to Articulate Value Propositions and Establish Effective Connections with clients at all times. Additionally, it will equip your Teams for Adaptability To Change, ensuring their thriving in dynamic business environments. Confidence Building is integral, fostering their ability to Engage Clients, Close Deals, and effectively Manage Setbacks. Furthermore, the course will provide comprehensive Training for Effective Use of Technology, offering your Teams the latest tools and technologies to Streamline Processes. Lastly, it will guide them in developing Mastery in Negotiation Techniques for securing favourable deals.

Value-Centric Approach

This integrated course and Coaching Path will guide your business in transitioning towards a Value-Centric Selling approach. It involves infusing Sales strategies with a focused emphasis on Creating Meaningful Buyer Experiences, nurturing long-term partnerships, and ensuring Sustained Return Sales.

Global Sales Mastery

This Programme is also designed to optimise Key Account and Territory Management for global success. Professionals will gain essential skills in Cross-Cultural Communication, International Market Analysis, and Global Account Management. The outcome is enhanced client relationships, expanded market reach, and the ability to formulate entry strategies aligned with specific regions and market dynamics. Additionally, it ensures effective Management across geographical distances.

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Contact us for a detailed course outline and to discuss how these training programmes can be customised to meet your specific business needs and goals.

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