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Sales Training Courses

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Retail Store Training 

For Shop Floor Managers

Empower your Team with Advanced Psychological Insights and Self-Motivation Techniques to elevate their performance and shape the future of Customer engagement in your business.


By providing your Team with a comprehensive understanding of Customer Behaviour and Omni-Channel Dynamics, you can create a culture of sustained performance elevation that drives ongoing growth and success.

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Course Overview

Our Advanced Retail and Hospitality Training propels your retail team to the pinnacle of industry excellence by offering fresh insights into sales and customer dynamics.


Gain an in-depth understanding of market shifts, omni-channel strategies, and the intricacies of the customer journey. This holistic approach redefines participants' roles, fostering a deeper sense of ownership and a focus beyond client interactions to include the bottom line.


Our training instils a mindset shift, enabling participants to grasp the holistic impact of their actions on business success, equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in the dynamic retail and hospitality sectors.


Additionally, delve into various purchase scenarios, from complex decision-making processes to comparison shopping, to routine transactions. Understanding consumer behaviours at different stages of the buying process enhances sales representatives' interactions, ensuring adaptability and success in today's evolving landscape.

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Key Topics

Omni-channel Retail Transformation Prioritising Customer-Centricity

Exploring the comprehensive shift towards omni-channel retail, placing a primary emphasis on adopting customer-centric approaches. Understanding the evolving retail landscape and the importance of meeting customer needs seamlessly across various channels.


Customer-Centric Engagement Across Omni-channels

Understanding Behaviours Across Touchpoints

Delving into strategies that embrace omni-channel practices, with a specific focus on understanding and leveraging Customer Behaviours across diverse Touchpoints. This training emphasizes detailed insights into Customer Engagement Techniques within the broader context of omni-channel retail. 

E-commerce Integration and Impact

Understanding the dynamics of e-commerce and its role in shaping modern retail and hospitality landscapes.


Streamlined Customer Journey Mapping

Navigating the Customer Journey to optimise Sales and service interactions.


Deciphering Decision-Making: Overcoming Psychological Barriers in Sales

Equipping staff with the skills to assess customers' Decision-Making Processes, effectively understanding and addressing Psychological Barriers beyond the typical objections that may hinder confident choices.


Purchasing Motivators and Group Dynamics

Delving into the intricacies of Customer Decision-Making Psychology, exploring Purchasing Motivators, Group Dynamics, and the impact of partners on buying decisions. Enhancing Sales Techniques by analysing customer Typology, attitudes, and behaviours in various scenarios, whether customers are alone or with their partners.


Self-Motivation Techniques for Sales

Strategies to Boost and maintain Motivation levels for consistent high-performance Salesmanship.

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Extra Benefits

Beyond Excellence Training

Employee Awareness and Impactful Contributions

Enhancing your Retail and Hospitality Team's awareness of their pivotal role fosters impactful contributions, creating a positive and engaging work environment.


Fostering On-Floor Excellence Through Growth Initiatives

Investing in your Team’s growth amplifies Customer interactions and on-floor effectiveness, empowering your Team to deliver an elevated Customer experience.

Empowering Through Sales Context

Understanding the Wider Sales Context empowers your Teams to acknowledge their importance for your business and Customers, fostering a sense of purpose and commitment.


Meaningful Engagements and Lasting Satisfaction

These meaningful engagements drive increased satisfaction for both clients and employees, highlighting the importance of comprehensive employee Training for long-term success and loyalty.

Pre-Training Mystery Shopping Integration

Before our Bespoke Training Sessions, upon request, we discreetly integrate Mystery Shopping-like Observations. This meticulous approach allows us to Fine-Tune and Personalise the Training Programme, precisely aligning it with your Team's unique requirements.


Throughout the Training, our emphasis remains on customisation, avoiding direct references to Team Members or Group Feedback. Our objective is to Elevate the Training's Relevance, ensuring a bespoke and effective learning atmosphere tailored to your specific context.

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Field Coaching & Mystery Shopping


our optional services, customised to suit your preferences.

Unlock Peak Performance with Field Coaching on the Shop Floor


Our optional service, Field Coaching on the Shop Floor, goes beyond conventional Training, providing hands-on guidance in the real retail environment. Tailored to your Team's specific needs, our Expert Coaches discreetly observe and offer Personalised Feedback, ensuring Practical Skill Application and Continuous Improvement. Elevate your Team's on-floor effectiveness, enhance Customer interactions, and witness tangible results through this Immersive and Impactful Coaching Experience.



Our supplementary services provide a distinct advantage to Management. By assimilating insights gathered from pre-Training Mystery Shopping integration and Immersive Field Coaching, we deliver valuable Feedback and Tailored Recommendations.


This empowers Management to pinpoint opportunities for fortifying Teams and driving continuous improvement.

Contact us for a detailed course outline and to discuss how our Training Programmes can be customised to meet your specific business needs and goals.

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