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Training & Coaching Courses

Sales Training Courses B2B

Are you looking to take your Sales Skills to the next level? Our B2B Sales Training Courses are designed to help you do just that. Uncover a Unique Perspective on Sales and watch your skills transform. Our courses are fully Customisable to suit your needs...

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Sales Training Courses B2C

Captivate Customers with an Inviting Environment

Welcome to our Customer-Centric Shop Floor Excellence Training, where we Transform every Shop Floor Worker into a Maestro Of Customer Engagement. This comprehensive Training is designed to empower Customer-Facing Staff, enabling them to create an ideal atmosphere that encourages both Customer Engagement and Purchases.

Customer Service Excellence Skills

Transform your Customer Service Team into Trusted Advisors with SCT Training. Beyond Technical Skills, we prioritise Emotional Well-Being and fostering deep Customer Connections. Empower your Team to approach each interaction as an opportunity to understand, anticipate, and exceed unique client needs.

In this transformative journey, Positive Energy derived from meaningful Customer relationships becomes a cornerstone for Emotional Resilience and Job Satisfaction, creating a thriving environment for both Customers and Team Members.

Elevate your Customer Service with our powerful Training.

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90-Day Client-Centric
Onboarding Plan

Fast-track your success with our '90-Day Onboarding Plan,' designed for Sales Reps and Anyone Influencing Sales or Customer Relations. In the dynamic realm of Sales, Time is of the Essence, and our plan is your key to unlocking success. Imagine a New Team Member, bursting with potential, eager to conquer the Sales arena. How do we ensure Rapid and Effective Transformation? Our meticulously crafted 90-day plan is the answer...

Presentation & Confidence Skills

Public Speaking Course

Imagine stepping into the spotlight, your heart pounding with anticipation. You’re about to deliver a Sales Presentation, and all eyes are on you. Welcome to our SCT's Sales Presentation & Confidence Mastery Programme, where we transform Sales Professionals and Managers into captivating Public Speakers.


Assessing & Enhancing Expertise

Picture a monk seated serenely in a candlelit room, deep in contemplation and harnessing inner strength. Now, envision your Sales Team embodying that monk, navigating the challenging world of business as their room.


Crafting a successful Sales Team, mirrors a monk's quest for enlightenment. It demands Collaboration, Experience, and a profound understanding of strengths and weaknesses. This is where we step in. By partnering with Seasoned Assessment Firms, we leverage their Expertise to Guide Your Team towards a path of Growth, Adaptability, and Mastery.

Management Mentoring

A tightrope walker, balancing delicately as they navigate the thin line stretched high above the ground; sometimes, that tightrope walker is a Manager, caught between the lofty demands from above and the intricate dynamics of leading a Team below.


Step into our Manager Empowerment Coaching for Effective Leadership Teams, where we transform this precarious balancing act into a confident stride.


Training Skills Development

Immerse yourself in a Transformative Fusion of Essential Trainer Skills and Personalised Growth, Custom-Tailored to meet your unique needs. In our nurturing environment, enhance your Self-Confidence, Presence, and Expertise, regardless of your background or Training Topics. Especially for Trainers who thrive on Continuous Learning and appreciate the Opportunity to Interact with External Expertise. Join us on a journey to learn to train with results...

Fractional Executive Services

Imagine having a Seasoned Executive at your fingertips, ready to infuse their Expertise into your business without the full-time commitment. Our Fractional Executive Services, where Part-Time Leadership meets Full-Time Success.


Fractional Executives are like the secret ingredient in your recipe for growth. They Bridge Leadership Gaps and bring External Experience During critical Growth Phases, playing a pivotal role in your Organisational Development and Strategic Decision making.


Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Does this image depict aspects of your Management Team?

If so, it’s time to Break Down those Silos and foster Synergy with our Diversity Coaching for Management and Silo Breaking Programme. We empower your Management Team to harness the power of Diversity Thinking, transforming isolated entities into a Cohesive, Collaborative Unit.


Are you ready to turn your Management Team into a kaleidoscope of Diversity, Innovation, and Success?

Time Management Course

Ready to Transform the Sands of Time into a catalyst for success?


In the ever-accelerating pace of the modern workplace, Mastering Time is a key skill for every employee, from Non-Managerial Staff to Managers.


Our comprehensive Coaching Programme, is tailored to empower the entire workforce.


It provides Tools for Staff to seize Control of their workday, Enhance Productivity, and attain a healthier Work-Life Balance. Participants will acquire the skills needed to turn each grain of time into a stepping stone toward Personal and Professional Success.


Psychological Safety

 A Strategic Approach to Workplace Well-being

Have you ever found yourself curious about what it takes for us to Truly Shine in all areas of life?

We offer a space for exploration through our Training Sessions, where we delve into the importance of Psychological Safety for Optimal Well-Being and Productivity.


This understanding allows individuals to thrive in diverse aspects of life, both Professionally and Personally.


We invite you to join us, not just to learn, but to Experience the creation of a Workplace Environment where Well-Being is not just a concept but a Practice. A place where your Contributions are Meaningful, and self-actualisation is not just a goal but a journey. Let’s explore this path together, shall we? 

Performance Management Training

Imagine holding a key in your hand, ready to unlock a door. That key is our Performance Management Essentials Coaching, and the door leads to Elevated Performance for your Teams, Managers, and Individual Staff Members.


Behind this door, you’ll discover Proactive Strategies that Foster Collaboration and Boost Productivity, unlocking the full potential of your Team. This key isn’t just valuable; it’s an essential tool for Effective Management and Leadership.

Are you ready to turn the key?

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