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Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace - A Guide to Maximising ROI Through Internal and External Impact

Updated: Apr 24

On several occasions, such as during Field Coaching sessions, we have observed the pivotal role of Diversity and Inclusivity in the corporate landscape. One example is evident through our engagement with a client seeking to expand their market presence in regions like South Africa and the Middle East. During a corporate event hosted by this client in South Africa, a significant situation arose.


A local prospect and business owner, who shared both African descent and gender with the personal assistant of the CEO, engaged in an informal conversation between two seminars our client had organised there. During this exchange, the prospect queried whether the personal assistant felt respected by the CEO and the company. She then explicitly conveyed to the PA that, as a woman of African descent herself, she considered the treatment of individuals like the personal assistant a crucial factor influencing her decision to engage in negotiations or formalise agreements with the company.


Amidst the global landscape, Diversity and Inclusion have become essential aspects of any successful business. A diverse and inclusive workplace not only fosters creativity and innovation but also promotes employee engagement. It also plays a defining role in how customers and suppliers engage with your business. As a business owner or manager, it is crucial to prioritise diversity and inclusion within your organisation. Here are some examples, thoughts, and tips to help you create a diverse and inclusive workplace.


Embrace Different Perspectives

One of the key benefits of a diverse workforce is the variety of perspectives it brings. Encourage your employees to share their unique viewpoints and ideas. By valuing and incorporating different perspectives, you can foster a culture of innovation and problem-solving.


Provide Diversity Training

Consider offering Diversity Training to your employees. This can help raise awareness about Unconscious Biases and promote understanding and acceptance of different cultures, backgrounds, and identities. Sales Call Trainings offers Diversity Coaching services that can help your team develop the skills needed to create an inclusive environment.


Foster an Inclusive Culture

Actively promote inclusivity within your organisation. Encourage open communication, respect for different opinions, and collaboration among team members. Create an environment where everyone feels valued and included, regardless of their background or identity.


Implement Diversity Hiring Practices

When recruiting new employees, make a conscious effort to diversify your workforce. Consider implementing blind hiring practices as part of the process, where candidates are evaluated based on their skills and qualifications rather than personal information. This can help eliminate biases and ensure a fair selection process.


Provide Equal Opportunities for Growth

Ensure that all employees have equal opportunities for career development and advancement. Implement Performance Management Training and Coaching Programmes, like the ones offered by Sales Call Trainings, to help employees reach their full potential. By providing equal opportunities, you can create a culture of fairness and meritocracy.


Celebrate Differences

Organise Events and activities that celebrate the diverse backgrounds and cultures of your employees. This can include cultural festivals, diversity days, or lunch and learns where employees can share their traditions and experiences. These initiatives can help foster a sense of belonging and appreciation for diversity.


Lead by Example

As a leader, it is essential to lead by example and demonstrate inclusive behaviours. Show respect for all individuals, listen actively, and address any instances of discrimination or bias promptly. By setting the tone at the top, you can inspire your employees to embrace diversity and inclusion.


Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is an ongoing process that requires commitment and effort. By following these examples, thoughts, and tips, you can create an environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best. Remember, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are essential ingredients for business success in today's interconnected world.


Moreover, prioritising Diversity Training directly influences Client and Supplier Relationships, fostering repeat business and enhancing negotiation outcomes. When clients witness a diverse and inclusive team, mirroring shared values, it solidifies connections and boosts overall relationship quality.

7 tips to help you create a diverse and inclusive workplace:
Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

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