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Powerful Strategies to Supercharge your Call Centre Teams’ Energy!

Updated: Apr 24


Navigating the complex landscape of inbound call centres is no easy task. With fixed schedules designed to accommodate call flows and a constant influx of calls, maintaining enthusiasm among team members can be challenging. But fear not! In this journey, we’ll unveil ten transformative strategies, honed from our collective experiences, crafted specifically to breathe new life and vigour into your inbound call centre team.


Ad-hoc Creative Group Sessions

One invaluable gem we’ve discovered is the concept of ad-hoc creative group sessions. Picture this: managers and team leaders vigilantly monitoring call volumes, poised to act when activity subsides. They swiftly gather small groups of employees for spontaneous sessions brimming with energy and innovation. These impromptu gatherings, sparked during downtimes, offer team members an opportunity to engage in mindfulness exercises, brainstorming sessions, or simply take a moment to recharge. With modern workplaces embracing flexible schedules that blend office and remote work, these sessions can entice employees to join in person, fostering connections and breaking the monotony.


Continuous Improvement Workshops

Transforming lunch breaks into hubs of growth, continuous improvement workshops empower employees to tackle challenges head-on and share best practices. In one notable instance, we introduced these workshops by carving out two half-hour slots every Tuesday during lunch breaks – one from 12:00 to 12:30 and another from 12:30 to 13:00. Team members were encouraged to attend one of these sessions on a voluntary basis and if their lunch break allowed. Though participation took time to soar, consistent scheduling eventually led to 80% of staff attending at least two of these voluntary lunch meeting sessions within three months, with the remaining 20 team members of the team of close to 100 members, eagerly waiting for an opportunity to join.


Task-based Rewards

Beyond the traditional focus on call metrics, it’s time to introduce task-based rewards. Recognising outstanding problem-solving, communication skills, or upselling prowess can uplift morale. Imagine setting monthly themes for evaluation, seamlessly integrated into training programmes or business calendars, guiding employees on a path of continuous improvement.


Cross-functional Training

Delve into cross-functional training initiatives to broaden horizons beyond call-handling duties. This not only enriches skill sets but also fosters a deeper understanding of the company’s inner workings.


Virtual Team-building Activities

Embrace the virtual realm with engaging team-building activities like online quizzes and themed video calls. These virtual adventures bring remote staff together, fostering bonds and camaraderie, even during solitary moments between calls.


Rotating Team Projects

Infuse creativity and collaboration into your team with rotating projects. Assign groups of employees to diverse endeavours, igniting teamwork and a shared sense of purpose.


Recognition Programme

Boost motivation with a recognition programme that publicly celebrates outstanding contributions. Whether in team meetings or through company-wide channels, acknowledging achievements fuels a culture of excellence.


Mentorship Programmes

Elevate your team’s performance through structured mentorship programmes that facilitate knowledge-sharing and skill development. While many companies already engage in informal mentoring, our approach adds a layer of refinement and effectiveness. By closely monitoring and supporting senior representatives as they train younger counterparts, we ensure that valuable time is maximised, and skills are honed. Through this method, senior reps receive targeted training in feedback delivery, on-the-job coaching, and other essential competencies. Our clients have reported significant benefits from this approach: new hires receive superior training, while senior reps are empowered to make even greater contributions to the team’s success.


Flexible Shift Swaps

Empower employees with the flexibility to arrange shift swaps, accommodating personal commitments and enhancing overall satisfaction and productivity.


Employee Feedback Forum

Champion transparency and inclusivity with a dedicated platform for employee feedback. By actively involving team members in decision-making processes, you pave the way for a culture of openness and collaboration.



In the dynamic realm of inbound call centres, success hinges on innovative strategies tailored to meet unique challenges. Drawing from our wealth of experiences, initiatives such as real-time creative group sessions, task-based rewards, and cross-functional training have proven to be catalysts for a motivated, high-performing team poised to deliver exceptional service to customers.


A brief message to Management:

It’s worth noting that many businesses already implement some of the strategies outlined above to varying degrees. However, our experience has shown that these initiatives are often only partially implemented or implemented temporarily. Team members frequently express concerns with the inconsistency or incomplete execution of these initiatives, while managers acknowledge the benefits but cite time constraints as a significant hurdle to thorough implementation.


Yet, the long-term costs of neglecting to address staff energy and drive can be substantial. The pervasive lack of motivation can spread throughout the team, leading to decreased productivity and ultimately impacting the bottom line. Recognising this, an increasing number of businesses are acknowledging the return on investment (ROI) of working with field experts who specialise in implementing these strategies effectively and consistently. By investing in comprehensive and sustained implementation of these initiatives, businesses can foster a culture of motivation, drive, and ultimately, success.

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